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Indievelopment 2015 represent!

We are excited to let you know, that PeerPlay will feature the eyetracking game 'Blind Love' at the upcoming event Indievelopment at Jaarbeurs Utrecht May 15th! We're working hard to show some new features and graphics in the game, and we would love to have you stopping by! If you would like to try out eyetracking, or are dying to get your PeerPlay sticker for the collection, feel free to come by our stand. See you at Indievelopment!

Blind Love – Eyetracking Game

The first eyetracking sidescroller is here! Blind Love was created by a few students from HKU School of Arts. Peer Olthof, Merlin Woudstra, Floor Koens & Marie Lhuissier. The game was targeted on an elderly group of people, but can be enjoyed by anyone! Download Link: http://we.tl/mWGGSoEbGH (52mb) You need 250mb diskspace for this game! In case you do not have an eyetracking device, the game can also be played by mouse!


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