Peer Play website online!

Hooray! I am excited to see the website online!
My name is Peer Olthof , and I’d like to welcome you to Peer Play!

The past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, and I expect the coming weeks to even more so! I’m rounding up my first year of ‘Game Design/Development’ at University of the Arts Utrecht, which is located in Hilversum, just for the sake of confusion! Besides homework, there are the games that I’m working on.

As I’m starting to make some good progress on my project ‘Deciball’, I started thinking about showing my progress to the world, as an upcoming game designer.

What can you expect to find at Peer Play?

– Development blogging of the game ‘Deciball’
– Articles related to the subject of game design / development
– Online playable games made for assignments of my education
– Videos & Screenshots of upcoming games

What can you do for Peer Play?

– Become a playtester: Recieve by email installments of project ‘Deciball’ for Android, and test the game while it is being developed. Fill out the form at ‘Contact’ if you are interested.

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PeerPlayPeer Play website online!

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