About PeerPlay

We are PeerPlay, an independant game development studio from Hilversum, The Netherlands, founded in early 2014.
PeerPlay has been founded by Peter Olthof. At this moment Peter Olthof is the core of PeerPlay, working together with different external people.
We believe that games should be enjoyed by everyone. We are all equal, no matter where you are from, or what conditions you are in.
Games, as any form of art, can make life a little brighter, and therefore we make games for health & entertainment!

We specialize in making games with eyetracking. Eyetracking games enables people with physical limitations to enjoy computer games.
Not only does this technique bring possibilities for healthcare, as casaul gamers will experience a greater immersion, with eyetracking combined to usual input.
Another foothold of PeerPlay is audio games. Where often audio in games is considered to be implemented in last stages of game development,
audio & music is something everyone in every culture can relate to. We strive to create games where audio is a main feature of gameplay.

Giving back to the community is another important goal of PeerPlay to help others to acchieve greater things. We provide tutorials & assets for fellow developers.

About Peter Olthof (Founder)

My name is Peter Olthof, founder of Peer Play. I was born on a cold winterday on the 1st of February 1987. I grew up playing videogames on the MSX, Nintendo 8bit, and later on got my own personal computer, becoming a fan of point&click adventure games. At the age of 11 I started making games in The Games Factory, and later on started making point&click adventures with Adventure Game Studio. Creative activities had always been a passion for me, from writing songs on the guitar, to writing, drawing and obviously making games.

Even though I found great joy in creating games, I decided to become a primary school teacher. My passion for education, and seeing people lifted up convinced me that that was my place on earth. I enjoyed my job deeply, but being a teacher disabled me from having spare time to be creative, and reach for the stars, so to speak.

I made a hard decision to quit education, and follow my heart into unknown territory. At the age of 26 I started a new education in Game Design & Development  at HKU School of Arts. Since then things have gone faster than I can imagine. With my unique look at gamedesign, coming from a different background I felt like a fish in the water. At this moment I am still a student, and learning everyday more on game design, programming, and marketing.
I believe that if you work hard enough, you can acchieve anything you want. My dream is to make games that matter, and have the power to brighten up life.

– Several years of experience in programming C#, PHP, Java & Actionscript
– Unity Engine, Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing, Writing
– Networking & Marketing
– Presentations

If you would like for me to talk about eyetracking, or gamedevelopment, feel free to contact me, using the contact form on the website!