Blind Love

Genre: Eyetracking Sidescroller
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: May 2015
Development Status: Finished/Stable
Price: Free

Peter Olthof
Merlin Woudstra
Peter Olthof
Game Art
Floor Koens
Marie Lhuissier

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Download Size: 41mb / 220mb installed

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“Guide a mole, blinded by love, with your eyes. A heartwarming journey for all who are young at heart!”

‘Blind Love’ is an eyetracking sidescroller adventure game.

In this game you help a blind mole on his journey. By using your  eyes you can interact with the game, and make sure the mole gets to his destination.
This short game works perfectly with only eye gazing, and is easy to play for all ages.
You need an eyetracking device to play the game, or you can use the mouse. Though eyetracking is highly recommended!

Blind Love is one of the first eyetracking games made in The Netherlands.
Peter Olthof introduced this technique at HKU University of  the Arts, and together with a team, Blind Love was created.

What makes this game so special, is that it is controlled by only using your eyes. The game shows how games for challenged people can be the future. A paralysed person could play this game, just as well as anyone else!

PeerPlay will continue developing eyetracking games, and if you want any more information, do not hesitate to contact us!
We hope you are having fun with this unique game, and would love to hear your feedback!

1. Download the *.zip file
2. Extract the *.zip file on your harddisk
3. Make sure you have EyeX software running and your eyetracker connected. (skip this if you do not own an eyetracking device)
4. Run the game with blindlove.exe

Eyetracking information
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