Genre: 3D Platformer
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: Unknown
Development Status: On Hold
Price: Commercial

Design/Developing/Art: Peter Olthof

Music: Guns For Hire

auto playing auto muting video

“Bounce, Roll, Jump & Control the music!”

Deciball is the game I have been working on for over a year. I’ve put into the project over 3000 hours, iterating the game from practically my first Unity project to something so big I couldn’t see where it ended.

I am extremely proud of this project, because I have learned so many things from designing the game I wouldn’t have learned if I wouldn’t have been shooting for the stars! I went through all the stages of overexcitement, feature creep, design problems, game mechanics, worldbuilding, scripting issues and alot more.

Even though the game is still far from finished, and I had to put this project on a hold, the game has been featured on GameKings, has been shown at some events, and got alot of attention. I’m looking into the possibilities of working on the game some more, when I can find the time. This project is literally my own little baby!